Motor Dual Scoop Grabs (MZG/L)


  • Used mainly in dockside operations, as well as on bulk carriers or for industrial applications
  • PEINER MZG/L offer the maximum flexibility at high handling volume
  • Worldwide service network


PEINER motor dual scoop grabs – the bulk materials expert for single-rope cranes

PEINER MMG are designed for cranes with an electric supply. Depending on your individual crane equipment, the grab can be fastened either directly, or on slewing units or traverse beams.

Proven in shipyard cranes, dockside cranes as well as indoor cranes (EOT), PEINER MZG are your powerful and reliable partners for bulk materials handling.

EFFICIENCY - Customized dual scoop design for various handled materials:

PEINER motor dual scoop grabs are designed for light, medium or heavy bulk materials:


  • Grab type MZG/L-3: has a defined volume
  • Grab type MZG/L-4: Volume is easy to reduce
  • Grab type MZG/L-6: Volume can be reduced multiple times

Through the use of power-controlled hydraulic pumps, the electrical power supply is very efficiently converted into handling power. PEINER MZG/L distinguish themselves through their very good penetration behavior, optimum degree of filling as well as the high airtightness of the shells, and have a comparatively low dead weight component.

PERFORMANCE - High handling quantity per loading operation:

PEINER MZGs have extremely short opening and closing times and thus increase the number of loading operations per hour. The MZG/Ls reach an optimum degree of filling thanks to high closing forces. The grab controller can be integrated in the crane controller and operated from the crane operator’s cabin.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY - Low service effort requirements:

The maintenance points can be easily reached. To lengthen the operational times and minimize the service effort required, PEINER MZG/Ls can be equipped with automatic central lubrication.

RELIABILITY - Your investment in the future:

PEINER MZG/Ls are the result of many years of experience in bulk materials handling, high-quality components as well as modern production standards.

Through the use of power-controlled hydraulic pumps, the electrical power supplied is very efficiently converted into handling power.

PEINER motor dual scoop grabs can be customized to individual requirements as regards shape and model.

At a glance: PEINER Dual Scoop Grabs

  • for use in cranes

  • control directly from the crane cab

  • several applications

  • shells and blades are adapted to the bulk material

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