Scissor Grabs (SCG)

  • Used mainly in dockside operations or transshipment
  • PEINER SCGs are powerful and fast dual scoop grabs for all bulk materials
  • Worldwide service network


PEINER scissor grabs – The lobster

PEINER SCGs can be used on all four-rope cranes.

EFFICIENCY - Dual scoop design for various materials to be handled:

The model of the grab is adjusted to match the respective purpose of use (for example, bulk density, volume). PEINER SCGs are generally suitable for all bulk materials.

PERFORMANCE – High handling quantity per loading operation:

In contrast to the classical dual scoop grabs, PEINER SCGs work faster and have a greater trimming effect. The scissor grabs have a significantly lower center of gravity, which reduces the danger of tipping over. Furthermore, the closing forces increase during the course of the closing process.

This grab is ideal for fast and efficient ship unloading.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY - Low maintenance effort requirements:

The PEINER SCG has just a few easily accessible maintenance points.

PEINER scissor grabs are customized to individual customer requirements as regards shape and model.

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