Slewing Units


  • Use on the dockside mobile cranes, but also on stationary general cargo cranes and deck cranes.
  • For rotating and positioning loads on crane hooks.
  • Worldwide service network


PEINER slewing units – in use in harbors worldwide

Across the decades, PEINER slewing units have proven themselves in the global market and are part of the basic equipment of almost every dockside mobile crane.

EFFICIENCY - Successful further development of products:

The originally electromechanical machines with a loading capacity of 5-32 t are being replaced by electro-hydraulic slewing units. Load bearing capacity now up to 200 t and more.

Slewing unit DISK - rotary device with integrated rope field compensation:


  • An ingenious interplay between rope field tensioning and rope field de-tensioning guarantees exact and easy positioning of the load
  • Crane load capacities from 25 t to 308 t are covered
  • Suitable for offshore and heavy duty cranes up to 1500 t

PERFORMANCE - Exactly on the dot, in a trice:

The crane operator can precisely and quickly position general cargo like containers, spreaders, grabs etc. PEINER slewing units are robust in design and have continuously variable speed regulation. For very cold regions, we can optionally fit stationary heating for heating the hydraulic oil.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY - Low maintenance effort requirements:

Generously sized flap on both sides with optimum access to the interior for maintenance and servicing. The flap with a surface seal on the back can be hung out in the open position and locked in the closed position by means of screws.

PEINER slewing units can be customized to individual requirements as regards shape and model.

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