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Motor Orange Peel Grabs (MMG/L)

  • Used primarily in dockside applications as well as waste incineration plants, steel works and in scrapyards
  • Among other things, the grab type MMG is suitable for handling scrap, pig iron, waste, biomass and wood chips.
  • The PEINER grab volume corresponds to the inner volume of closed shells – the actual total payload is bigger
  • Worldwide service network

Everything in a firm grip - with the PEINER motor orange peel grab

PEINER MMG are designed for cranes with an electric supply. Depending on your individual crane equipment, the grab can be fastened either directly, or on slewing units or traverse beams.

EFFICIENCY - Orange peel design for various handled materials:

  • Grab type MMGL-3: Proven design for handling all kinds of scrap, pig iron, etc.
  • Grab type MMGL-4: Modern grab for the latest generation of waste incineration plants.
  • Grab type MMGL-5: Newest innovation for handling biomass/wood chips

Example wood chips: Maximization of the filling volume with the lowest possible transport loss.

Equipped with the latest shell design, PEINER MMGL are excellently suited for handling wood chips. They exhibit a perfect penetration behavior, reach an optimum filling volume and close cleanly.

PERFORMANCE - High handling quantity per loading operation:

Motor orange peel grabs, with their individually driven shells, match themselves to the material being handled. Transport losses are minimized. With the optimum structural height, the low center of gravity and the robust construction, the PEINER MMG/MMGL series has many universal possibilities for use.

PEINER MMG/L have extremely short opening and closing times that optimize the number of possible loading operations per hour.

ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY - Low service effort requirements:

The maintenance points can be easily reached. To lengthen the operational times and minimize the service effort required, PEINER MMG/L machines can be equipped with automatic central lubrication.

RELIABILITY - Your investment in the future:

PEINER MMG/L are the result of many years of experience in bulk materials handling, high-quality components as well as modern production standards.

PEINER motor orange peel grabs can be customized to individual requirements as regards to shape and model.

360° Product Animation

Here you can see our grab model completely by rotating and zooming it.

Left mouse button: rotate model

Right mouse button: move model

Mouse wheel: zoom in and out model

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