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Four-Rope Trimmer Grabs (VTG/L)

  • Used mainly in dockside operations or waste incineration plants
  • PEINER trimmer grabs are ideally suited for cleaning and material handling
  • Worldwide service network

PEINER trimmer grabs – versatile in deployment

PEINER trimmer grabs can be used in any crane. Our trimmer grabs are available in the mechanical as well as electro-hydraulic models and can accordingly be customized to match all crane types.

EFFICIENCY - Perfect for material uptake and cleaning:

We supply optimized trimmer grabs in different versions, for different crane systems and various different bulk materials:

  • Grab type VTG(L): Four-rope trimmer grab for bulk materials of all kinds
  • Grab type VTGL-3: Four-rope trimmer grab for ash and slag handling in waste incineration plants
  • Grab type VTGL-4: Four-rope trimmer grab for handling biomass

PERFORMANCE - High handling quantities per loading operation:

PEINER VTG are eminently suited for material uptake and “cleaning” in the cargo hold. A large angle of opening as well as an extremely flat grab curve makes it possible to push together and pick up material over a wide area.

PEINER four-rope trimmer grabs are customized to individual customer requirements as regards to shape and model.


360° Product Animation

Here you can see our grab model completely by rotating and zooming it.

Left mouse button: rotate model

Right mouse button: move model

Mouse wheel: zoom in and out model

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